North #2B
Solarplate Etching w/ Chine Colle (14x20”)

10 Steps (Iceland)

Ten Steps refers to my relationship with Iceland. Iceland is a land of terrific beauty, where the profound beauty and the forces of nature governs daily life. Each corner turned is a new discovery I simply cannot ignore. Ten Steps is an ongoing project that involves printmaking, sculpture and animated film.

10 Steps: Stallion
Solarplate Etching (4x6”)

10 Steps: Stallion
Solarplate Etching on Map (4x6)

North #4B
Solarplate Etching (14x20”)

Herd #2
Etching/Aquatint (6x9”)

Fence #1
Soft Ground Etching (6x6”)

10 Steps: Running Sheep


10 Steps: Ice
Solarplate Etching (4x6”)

“In Iceland, I am unable to travel ten steps without the aching need to shoot yet another photograph or video.”

10 Steps: Sheep
Silk Cut Linoleum Plate (9x9”)

North #3A
Solarplate Etching (16x20”)

Fence #2
Soft Ground Etching (6x6”)

Solarplate Etching (4x6”)

10 Steps: Blocks


Stampede: 100 Icelandics

Since my first trip to Iceland, imagery from the country has seeped into my paintings and prints. Stampede: 100 Icelandics, is an installation of one hundred solar plate prints of Icelandic horses, based on 100 Views of Mount Fuji, Hokusai's woodcut prints of the 1830s. Each print is 11x15”, on BFK Rives paper. Six intaglio and one relief plate were used, with each print run through the press from one to five times.


Robynn Smith with “Stampede: 100 Icelandics”

Stampede: 100 Icelandics